What is an infinity bottle and how do you make one?

A fascinating concept that takes the art of whisky appreciation to new heights – the infinity bottle. In this article, we delve into what an infinity bottle is, explore its origins, and provide tips for creating your very own everlasting elixir.

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Updated: 26-04-2024 Published: 09-06-2023

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An infinity bottle is a unique whisky creation that involves continuously adding a small amount of various whiskies into a single bottle, resulting in a personalised blend. The concept is based on the idea that each addition contributes to a collective flavour profile, making the blend increasingly complex and distinctive over time.

The concept gained popularity in the whisky community in recent years. And is great when you have leftover whisky samples or bottles with small quantities remaining. It’s also ideal for creating your own personal blend that evolves and matures with each addition. Read on for instructions on making an infinity bottle, important considerations, and tips for the perfect blend.

Infinite possibilities: The term “infinity bottle” was coined due to the endless potential for variations. No two infinity bottles are alike, as the combinations of whiskies are limited only by the imagination and preferences of the creator.

Creating an infinity bottle

  1. Whisky selection
    Begin by selecting a base whisky to establish the character and foundation of your blend. Choose a bottle that aligns with your preferences, whether it be a peaty Islay whisky or a smooth Highland malt. This initial selection sets the tone for future additions.
  2. Incremental additions
    As you come across different whiskies, whether through tastings, gifts, or purchases, add a small amount (around 1-2 ounces / 30 to 60 ml) to your infinity bottle. Be adventurous and experiment with a variety of styles, regions, and ages to create a diverse blend.
  3. Keep notes
    Maintain a log or journal documenting each addition to your infinity bottle. This record will allow you to track the evolution of flavours, recall memorable combinations, and make adjustments to the blend if desired.
  4. Time and patience
    The beauty of the infinity bottle lies in its ability to develop complexity over time. Allow the blend to marry and harmonise for several months before tasting. Patience is key as the flavours intermingle and mature, creating a truly unique whisky experience.

Inspired by Scotch blending: The concept of the infinity bottle draws inspiration from the traditional Scotch whisky blending process, where master blenders combine different malts and grains to create signature expressions. The infinity bottle allows you to experiment and experience the art of blending firsthand.

Tips for the perfect infinity bottle

  1. Balance is key
    Aim for a balanced blend by carefully considering the flavours and characteristics of each whisky before adding it to the mix. Seek harmony between sweet, smoky, floral, and fruity notes to create a well-rounded profile.
  2. Experimentation
    Don’t be afraid to take risks and try unexpected combinations. Some of the most delightful blends arise from surprising combinations of whiskies that may not seem compatible at first glance. If you’re unsure of a new combination, just test it in your whisky glass by adding whisky from the infinity bottle and your new addition.
  3. Sharing the experience
    Invite fellow whisky enthusiasts to contribute to your infinity bottle. By incorporating whiskies recommended or gifted by friends, you not only expand the range of flavours but also create a shared memory.
  4. Reuse a bottle
    Use an old empty whisky bottle. As shown in the thumbnail picture, we used the bottle of the Hibiki Harmony.
  5. Watch the peat
    If your blend consists exclusively of non-peated or lightly peated whiskies, it’s important to note that adding a fully peated whisky can have a significant impact.
  6. Avoid oxidation
    Lastly, we highly recommend maintaining the bottle at a level above 50% capacity, preferably even 80%, as stated in our article on the shelf life of whisky. This will prevent oxidation. To achieve this, it is wise to begin by adding a few whiskies together at the start, allowing the bottle to reach a suitable volume.

A collector’s dream: the infinity bottle presents an exciting opportunity to showcase a personal collection of rare and limited-edition whiskies. Each addition not only adds to the flavour profile but also contributes to the historical narrative of the bottle.

In conclusion, an infinity bottle is a fascinating concept that allows you to create a unique and ever-evolving blend of favourite spirits. By combining different whiskies into a single bottle over time, the flavours and aromas meld together, resulting in a complex and personalised blend that reflects the individual’s taste preferences. The key is to be patient and allow the blend to mature over time, as the true magic of an infinity bottle lies in the ongoing evolution and refinement of its contents. Cheers to the art of blending and the limitless world of whisky!