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Smokehead distillery, located on the picturesque island of Islay in Scotland, is known for its bold and peaty single malt Scotch whiskies. Established with the purpose of catering to whisky enthusiasts seeking an intensely smoky experience. Smokehead whiskies are characterized by their robust and powerful smokiness, which is achieved through the use of heavily peated malted barley. The whiskies from this distillery often showcase a prominent and unmistakable smoky character, which appeals to fans of peated whiskies. An interesting fact about Smokehead is that the distillery intentionally keeps the details of its production and location mysterious, focusing on delivering an enigmatic and adventurous experience for whisky enthusiasts. This aura of secrecy has added to the intrigue and allure of Smokehead whiskies. While the exact details of the distillery may be shrouded in mystery, what remains certain is the reputation of Smokehead whiskies for delivering a bold and smoky flavor experience. Embark on a journey of intense smoky flavors by exploring the whiskies from Smokehead Distillery, and uncover the captivating essence of Islay's peated whisky tradition.

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About the Smokehead

Smokehead is a Single Malt whisky originating from Scotland. The whisky is distilld in the region Islay. Expect a fruity and peaty taste. Read all about this whisky on Distilld!