Lagavulin 12 years Cask Strength

Lagavulin 12 years Cask Strength


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This whisky is celebrated for its bold and intense flavors, showcasing the distinctive peat smoke character that has become synonymous with Islay whiskies. Matured for 12 years, this cask strength release offers a powerful and robust palate, delivering a pronounced smoky profile with maritime influences. The Lagavulin 12 Years is known for its complex layers of flavour, including notes of brine, charred oak, seaweed, and a hint of medicinal iodine. The higher alcohol content contributes to the whisky's full-bodied and fiery nature, providing a memorable and lingering finish. This expression is a favorite among peat enthusiasts and whisky connoisseurs seeking an authentic and unapologetically smoky experience.

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Lagavulin is a Scottish whisky distillery that was founded in 1816 on the Isle of Islay. The distillery is known for producing a rich, peaty single malt whisky that has become one of the most highly regarded whiskies in the world. Lagavulin produces its whisky using traditional methods, including using copper pot stills, peating the barley to give the whisky its signature smoky flavor, and aging the spirit in oak casks. The distillery offers a range of whisky blends, including the Lagavulin 16 Year Old, Lagavulin Distillers Edition, and the Lagavulin 8 Year Old. One interesting fact about Lagavulin is that the distillery has a long history of producing whisky, and the techniques used in its whisky-making process have changed little since the distillery was first founded nearly 200 years ago. The distillery is also renowned for the quality of its casks, which are carefully selected to ensure that the whisky develops a rich, complex flavor over time.

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About the Lagavulin 12 years Cask Strength

Lagavulin 12 years Cask Strength is a Single Malt whisky originating from Scotland. The whisky is distilld in the region Islay. Expect a malty and peaty taste. Aged in a Oak Cask cask. Read all about this whisky on Distilld!