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Kilkerran Distillery, located in Campbeltown, Scotland, is a relatively young distillery. Established in 2004, Kilkerran has revived the whisky-making tradition in Campbeltown, a region renowned for its rich history in the whisky industry. Situated on the picturesque Kintyre Peninsula, Kilkerran Distillery draws inspiration from the region's coastal influences and peaty characteristics. The whiskies produced at Kilkerran exhibit a unique balance of maritime brininess, subtle smoke, and fruity sweetness. One interesting fact about Kilkerran Distillery is that it operates as a sister distillery to Glengyle Distillery. Glengyle Distillery was resurrected in 2004, and under the guidance of the Mitchell family, the same family behind the iconic Springbank Distillery, it was transformed into Kilkerran Distillery. This association adds to the distillery's rich heritage and expertise. Kilkerran whiskies offer a range of flavours that appeal to various palates. The core expression, Kilkerran 12 Year Old, showcases a harmonious blend of citrus notes, maltiness, gentle peat smoke, and hints of vanilla. The whiskies from Kilkerran often display complexity, depth, and a well-rounded character.

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About the Kilkerran Work in Progress V Sherry

Kilkerran Work in Progress V Sherry is a Single Malt whisky originating from Scotland. Expect a woody and spicy taste. Read all about this whisky on Distilld!