The perfect presents for every connoisseur

Do you have a dad who occasionally drinks whisky? Or that uncle that might really enjoy whisky? In this article we will give you ideas for the perfect gift.

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Updated: 26-04-2024 Published: 27-11-2023

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As December dances in, the air carries a festive spirit, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging the whisky lovers in your life with gifts that mirror their passion? Distilld warmly presents a collection of exceptional whisky gifts that weave together the magic of the season and the allure of fine spirits.

Custom engraved whisky glasses:

Picture this: a crackling fireplace, soft jazz in the background, and a personalized whisky glass in the hands of your loved one. Engrave their name or a special message, turning each sip into a moment of love and warmth.

Custom Glencairn

If you want to know how to best use your glasses, read our blog on “How to pour whisky

Whisky Tasting set:

Invite the essence of a distillery into their homes this festive season. With a carefully put together whisky tasting set, December evenings will become a journey of discovery. Each dram whispers tales of craftsmanship and flavor, creating a symphony of joy. Don’t forget the whisky advent calendars!

Advent calendar

A Whisky Book:

For the avid reader, gift a book exploring the world of whisky. From the history of distilleries all around the world to expert tasting guides, this offers an adventure that complements their love for the spirit.

Malt whisky yearbook

Handcrafted Whisky Barrel Stave Coasters:

Imagine unwrapping a gift that tells a story. Handcrafted from whisky barrels, these coasters bear the marks of time and aging, providing a stylish reminder of the rich whisky history behind each sip. A touch of whisky history for their coffee table and for years to use!

Exclusive Distillery Tour:

Under the twinkling lights of December, gift an experience that outshines the ordinary—a (private) tour of a local or renowned distillery. Complete with tastings and insights into the alchemy of whisky-making, it’s a journey that lingers in the memory, making this holiday truly unforgettable. Something that we can recommend from our own experience at the Distilld team.

Netherlands – Bus whisky

Scotland – Deanston

Australia – Starward

Japan – Suntory – Yamazaki

America – Makers Mark

In the waltz of December’s festivities, finding the perfect whisky gift becomes a gesture of warmth and connection. Distilld’s selection ensures that each present not only reflects your thoughtfulness but also adds a touch of magic to the whisky journey. Here’s to the joy of giving and the pleasure of savoring exceptional whisky moments this holiday season. Cheers!